May Guest Speaker – Andi Herman

Usually when you go to a quilt exhibition you have to wait until all those taking a close look move out of the way before you can view the work. At the recent AQC there was one quilt that broke this rule. No one was looking up close, although if you did you got to see some gorgeous fabrics.

harpo1Instead they were walking backwards, further and further away as they were following the instruction in the title Stand Back and Squint, Harpo. There were some who were still confused, but helpful passersby suggested they view through their phone’s camera. “Ooo I can see it now, isn’t that clever.”

harpo2Andi Herman with the help of her partner Dan has developed a pixilated quilt design technique that make turning photos into interesting patchwork designs easy. All is explained at their website Youpatch.

So leave your glasses at home and be prepared to squint at the quilts this month.

About Waverley

Waverley Patchworkers Inc is a group of about 300 patchwork and quilting enthusiasts located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We meet regularly to share our passion for all things textile.
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