February Feast of Quilts

Fortunately there were lots of helpers to hold up the quilts at our February meeting, there were so many on show. Click on any image to have a closer look.

First up new committee member Wendy who is our Library Coordinator. While she is a newish member, she explained that she is not new to quilting. She started very young thanks to a grandfather in the textiles industry. Her first attempt at patchwork was as a young child, piecing hexagons cut from her grandfather’s samples.

This was followed by a cushion made in high school, a hanging made with Margaret Rolf patterns and then away she went with many full size quilts.

Wendy has lived in a number of countries due to the demands of her husband’s work. She has found quilting to be an excellent way to meet people and get involved in the community where ever that may be. The patterns and fabrics came in parcels sent from Australia, but with some local touches. The butterflies on the above quilt are beaded brooches made in Tanzania.

This quilt is very special, a member of the guild in Sweden designed a block each month to share with the group.

Wendy also made quilts in Singapore before finally returning to Melbourne. She is still using some of the special fabrics from her grandfather and has obviously inherited a love of textiles.

Guest Speaker: Karen Martin

What a treat to have the very entertaining Mrs Martin visit our group. Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop opened 15 years ago, but was fully planned in Karen’s head long before that. The name comes from her primary school class who knew she was planning to open a shop. Living and working in the same community means that these students are now regular visitors to the shop, with their own children in tow.

The shop is now in her home, open three days a week and true to her community commitment, the shop visits as many events as possible, taking her treasure trove of patterns, fabrics and notions to where quilters gather. So of course the shop came to Waverley too.

Quilting seems to occupy all Karen’s waking hours, as well as running the shop and stitching days, she organises the Monbulk CFA Quilt Show.

More recently she has added taking tours to the US to her suite of quilting activities, all of which she loves.

And of course she makes quilts too.




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Mrs Martin our February Guest Speaker

Many of you will have seen Karen Martin and her shop at a Waverley Patchworkers Quilt Show. You will also find her shop supporting lots of other events in the area. On March 2 she is organising a show herself. It is the Monbulk CFA Quilt Show with all proceeds supporting the Monbulk CFA.

She is squeezing in a visit to our meeting on Monday 25 February and will be telling us all about the fun she has with her shop. She says that many wonderful things have happened in her life since she opened Mrs Martins Quilt Show and she has met many wonderful people on the way. She has promised to show us some quilts too.

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January 2019 Show and Tell

A warm night in January, a quiz, mini pavlovas and something to stick. So started the year for Waverley Patchworkers. It was lovely to catch up with everyone and return all those books that we have been storing for so long to the upgraded library. 

Linda Steel’s first crazy quilt. Crazy About Australia

The quiz had an unusual twist, the answers were provided, teams had to come up with  appropriate questions that included the word Australia or a nickname. There were four categories including sport which was not popular. Waverley members do not give up easily, there was lots of whispering and head scratching, a tiny bit of googling, a hint or two and finally some winners. So how would you go?

Here is the Australia Quiz,  just work out the questions that would have these answers.  

When you are ready to give up, here are the Australia Quiz Questions.

Show and Tell

This month it is all about getting things done!

Gift Quilts

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What’s happening in 2019

The complete calendar of events was distributed to members in their Newsletter last year. If you cannot find your copy or just want to check some dates you can download a copy from the Forms Page.

Or just click here then you can download it as a pdf onto your device. Never miss a Chat and Sew Group again!

First up is our January Meeting on Monday May 28. Yes it is a public holiday but that won’t stop us.

As an extra bonus the Library will be OPEN from 7.15 pm. Make sure you visit the new Library Room, meet Wendy our new Library Coordinator and bring back the books you have been looking after so well.


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November meeting

It was a full house for the last meeting for 2018. Always a popular sit and sew night enhanced by the seasonal fun and jollities.


Instead of gifts members brought grocery items complete with reusable shopping bags for the Waverley Benevolent Society to distribute. Luckily Jill has a very big car – there was barely room for the driver by the time it was all packed up.

We had an abundance of Show and Tell to marvel at and a huge pile of Gift Quilts ready to distribute. We go into recess now until January 2019.

Gift Quilts

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Changing the Guard

Our Annual General Meeting is a time for reflection and renewal. Looking back on the past year and looking forward to another fantastic year at Waverley Patchworkers. We were much relieved when President Jill confirmed she would take on a second term, she has been a great asset to the organisation, reviewing past practices and looking for places for improvement. One of the big challenges has been not having our regular venue or library for much of her first term, but she has handled it with a laugh and a smile.

Committee for 2018- 2019

Many thanks Megan, Linda, Ros and Krista

The new committee comprises some new faces and enough experienced hands to ensure a smooth transition. As always, thanks were given to those who were retiring having served us well.

Guest speaker on the night was our own, very entertaining Rivka Waxman who regaled her amazing exploitation and adventures on her way to creating the most stunning collection of quilts, many totally by hand.

Show and Tell

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Birthday Meeting

Waverley Celebrated 37 years with a Sit and Sew meeting, lots of chatter and certificates for members who had reached 10, 20 and 30 year milestones.

The present went to Waverley Benevolent Society in the form of a cheque for $5,000 from our recent Quilt Show. Waverley Patchworkers have a very long history in supporting local agencies. Pat Green from the society  told us of the big impact our donation will make in the lives of families struggling to make ends meet.There were cupcakes for all and the candle was blown out by Jacie and Lorna, both celebrating 30 years of membership.

Show and Tell

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Membership reminders

It’s our Birthday month and members have been enjoying free entry to all activities. We also celebrate with cupcakes at our Sit and Sew meeting on Monday September 24. 

It is also time to renew your membership. The renewal form has been sent to all members, but if you cannot find it, download from our Forms page.

If you want to join Waverley Patchworkers, the form and all details are on the Join page.

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August Show and Tell

We had a most interesting return to the Mount Waverley Community Centre in August. Members were very keen to see the renovations and inspected all areas thoroughly. 

It was a very cold evening and it was noted that the heating system was not completely operational.

Even our guest speaker Christine Lethlean stayed rugged up while telling her fascinating story of growing up on a farm in Western Australia. It was here that she learned to value every scrap of fabric. She has transformed this ethos into beautiful textile art.

Christine now lives in Clunes where she has her studio. This, we learned, is named after her parents Margie and Bert  She is currently working with machine appliqué creating mainly framed works.

Show and Tell

The hall has been changed dramatically and as the stage has gone displaying quilts for show and tell was difficult. A portable stage is part of the promised equipment, but it is not yet ready. So apologies for not being able to show the large quilts in their entirety.

Hamish at 11 years, is our youngest member and had to be at school when awards were presented at Victorian Quilters Showcase in July. He won Runner Up in the Student Quilts – Primary category for Rainbow Ladders. 

We can now update our photographic record with a photo of Hamish and his ribbon. Congratulations Hamish for this terrific original design.

Our other award winners are here.


Wool felt hanging – Denise

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Back to Mount Waverley

The renovations to Mount Waverley Community Centre are almost complete and we will be back there for our August meeting on Monday 27. The set up will be a little different, and still no library, but we will still have a fantastic meeting.

Our guest speaker is Christine Lethlean, originally from Western Australia but now a studio artist in Clunes, central Victoria. Christine has a distinctive collage style of working in fabric and includes a lot of preloved and discarded elements as well as embroidery, thread painting and printing. The Margie and Bert Studio is her work space and Christine is also the driving force behind the annual Textile Palette Exhibition in Clunes.

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