Quilt Show 2018 Raffle Quilt

Raffle tickets are now on sale for the beautiful quilt created especially for our show. Proceeds go to the Waverley Benevolent Society. Tickets are $2 each, contact a Waverley Patchworkers member or buy your tickets at  Quilt Show 2018, 2 – 3 June 2018.

Floral Flight

Floral Flight puts a modern spin on the traditional broderie perse quilt, with a bright frame of triangles surrounding the gorgeous parrot and basket. Once again quilting is by Naomi Hynes of the Elegant Stitch and it is done beautifully. Valued at $1650

Floral Flight – detail

Second prize is just for quilters; a fabulous kit which includes all patterns and the fabric for A Tribute to Mrs Williams. Conveniently packaged with the fabric for each block with each pattern. Value $400.

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February meeting and Show and Tell

What an amazing presentation by Leslie Edwards. She broke all records for quilts to show but each one had a purpose. She demonstrated how patterns can change depending on the fabrics used and how a very simple idea can become something stunning with wise fabric selection. Her patterns and fabrics from Africa proved popular with members as well. 

Only a few pieces of Show and Tell were shown at the February Monthly Meeting. Once again some really lovely quilts but chances are lots of members are busy putting the finishing touches on quilts that will be on display at Quilt Show 2018 on 2 and 3 June.


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Coming up in February

The guest speaker at our next meeting, on Monday February 26, is Leslie Edwards of Quilting Fabrications.

Leslie was born in California and following her major in African History travelled to that continent. There she was blown away with the vibrantly coloured textiles. She also met her Australian husband and took up quilting after relocating to Melbourne 25 years ago.

More recently she has taken to creating her own fabrics using a host of techniques.  
“In some ways my style has changed and in some ways it is still the same. The thing that drew me to quilting – African fabric – has remained a passion and I use a lot of colour in my quilts. I have, however, become much more intuitive and improvisational in my technique. I am also passionate about creating my own textiles through various types of dyeing, painting, printing, etc,” 

Leslie will be bringing her pop up shop selling African, Malaysian batik and hand dyed fabric plus her quilt patterns.

Library News This will be the last opportunity to borrow from the library before it is put into storage for the duration of the building renovation. Please borrow lots of books!

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January Meeting

Our Sit and Sew meeting in January is always a good start to the year. Plenty of time to catch up on all the holiday news and to admire new projects or cheer on those who making progress on their never ending hand piecing.

We also saw the unveiling of the raffle quilt for Quilt Show 2018. It was designed and largely made by Suzanne and quilted by Naomi Hynes of the Elegant Stitch.

Floral Flight – Waverley Patchworkers Quilt Show raffle quilt

More details later on how to purchase tickets so you can win this beauty.

Show and Tell

The first of these was shown at the November meeting but the photo was misplaced.

Remember to click on the picture to have a closer look and read about the making of the quilt.

Plenty of Gift Quilts have been finished over the break – here are a few of them.

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Birds of a Feather Flock Together

The dates, venue and theme for our 2018 Quilt Show has been announced. A few changes have been made, so make sure you make a note on your calendar and in your diary.

Look at Me – Mariya Waters

The Birds of a Feather Quilt Show will be held on the weekend, June 2 and 3, 2018 at the Mulgrave Community Centre, 355 Wellington Road Mulgrave. This is a great venue where we held our Quilt In last year.

The theme for the challenge should get the creative juices flowing, it lends itself to all styles of quilts, modern, traditional, innovative even 3D. To encourage creativity there is no shape stipulation, the size restriction is that the finished piece must fit inside the confines of an A3 piece of paper (42 cm x 29.7 cm). 

Members, now is the time to get all your quilt entries planned, you have five months fun months of stitching ahead.

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End of Year Celebrations

Our last Monthly Meeting for the year was held on 27 November, but this early date did not stop us getting into the seasonal spirit.

It was a full house, with everyone enjoying a relaxed evening with shared supper and lively conversation. We donated a huge quantity of festive grocery items to the Waverley Benevolent Society, and as usual Pat Green was on hand to receive them.

Show and Tell

Remember to click on the picture to have a closer look and read about the making of the quilt.

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Patchwork at the Lilydale Show

Agricultural and Horticultural Shows have a long tradition in demonstrating and supporting the rural way of life through competitions involving farm animals, rural skills, produce and arts and craft. The Lilydale Show Society was formed in 1953 and holds an annual show on the third Saturday and Sunday in November.  The following report on the Patchwork section is from Waverley member Cheryl Lowe.

The Lilydale Show is over for another year and what a great success it was. The entries in Patchwork was down on previous years but the quality was amazing. We had mainly large Quilts.  The winning quilt was a wonderful butterfly quilt by Ann Burrows. The runner up was won by Sue Moss with a very different butterfly quilt. Mavis Bell entered a beautiful white knitted rug.  Waverley Patchworkers very generously sponsors the show which is spread over all the winners in Patchwork.

Waverley Patchworkers sponsors the prizes each year to encourage patchwork and quilting in this community which is half town, half country and one where a number of our members reside. 

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October Speaker and Show and Tell

Following our Annual General Meeting in October, our new President, Jill Abery introduced Rose Lewis the guest speaker who is a Waverley Member even though she lives some distance away.

Rose told us of her early interest in creating in fabric, first as a sewer of clothes despite some family opposition and then as a quilter once she had a home of her own and children to make quilts for. The first class she attended was not pattern based, it focused instead on making original designs and she has worked that way ever since.

Rose has completed some large appliqué quilts that have received awards at our show and around Australia. She brought them with her to display as she told her story. All her appliqué is done by machine and she quilts heavily using a monofilament thread. Her love of trapunto is in evidence in both quilts.

Rose runs her quilting business through her website, she is a very busy lady always trying something new.

A Caterpillar’s Dream

Through the Garden Gate

The ladies who participated in the June Lyons Scholarship weekend of workshops have made impressive progress. The two day appliqué class with Grace Errea got them started and there were many tops finished or well on the way at the meeting.

Two day workshop pieces

Show and Tell 

Remember to click on the picture to have a closer look and read about the making of the quilt.

Jill has been back to India since she spoke on the Colours and Crafts of India at our meeting in July. This trip she purchased an absolutely beautiful dowry purse or bag made in Gujarat. It is an exquisite example of Kutch embroidery and is heavily embellished with mirrors. The textile piece was bought from a collector who sources work for museums and is thought to be about 45 years old.

Dowry Purse from Gujarat

Gift Quilts

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Worthy winner

Congratulations to Linda Crouch. A worthy winner in the Miniature Category at the International Quilt Festival in Houston with her quilt Whirligig. This has been one of the most popular quilts viewed on our blog and everyone at Waverley is very proud.

Here are all the winning quilts.


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A visit from Grace Errea

Members of Waverley Patchworkers have the opportunity to learn from an international tutor every second year thanks to the June Lyons Scholarship Fund. June was a founding member of Waverley and proceeds from the sale of her fabrics were donated to the group by her family in her memory. 

This year Grace Errea from California presented a lecture and taught two workshops. Grace has a love of appliqué and a dislike of piecing and she is known for her exceptional use of colour in her quilts.At her Thursday evening lecture ‘The Value of Value” Grace described the steps she takes when designing a quilt. Her focus is on value and she has created a fabric table of eight values from lightest to darkest of the primary and secondary colours. This enables her to focus on the values in a shape she has photographed rather than the colour.

In an example of how value can be used to highlight a focal point, on a dark background the cone flower is the focus but on a light ground the same image needed a darker focal point, the butterfly.

Grace dislikes piecing so much that she even makes her backgrounds with this technique rather than piece it. In the Breakfast of Champions  the random edge was not planned but looked so good it was totally faced. Usually Grace makes a wide binding with a narrow flange to frame her quilts.

A neat summary of her attitude is found in the statement, “Colour gets all the credit but value does all the work.”


Everyone was very keen to get a closer look at the quilts after this very informative lecture.

Friday Workshop – Reverse or Take Away Appliqué






A new technique of heat setting was demonstrated and then tried in a sample piece.

Then it was onto using this process to make a stained glass like image. It involved tracing, painting on the mixture, cutting with surgical precision and then heat setting the image and removing the freezer paper.


Everything then needs to be stitched and lots of people made a start on their machines.


Saturday and Sunday Workshop – Heat Set Appliqué

This workshop involved some very detailed patterns and a new appliqué technique using a glue that is dabbed on, dried and then heat set in place.

It started again with a small learning piece and everyone was happy with their progress. Again it was a process of pattern tracing, numbering pieces, cutting templates and finally choosing fabric before dabbing and heat setting. Although it will be quite some time before these quilts are finished, everyone was well on the way and having a good time.


The use of value was the secret to fabric choice and much was learned over the two days.


“I learned to be braver with my fabric choices” “How to cut up little bits.”

“I learned to be very careful not to do things the wrong way round.”

“A whole new way of how to stick things on”

“I learned about the value of colour.”  “About having value as a priority.”

“The Value Matching Tool has been very useful to choose the value of fabrics.”

“I need to raise some cash to increase my stash!”


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