Quilt fans form group

founding-article In late September 1981 the Waverley Council sponsored Intercraft newsletter and the local paper carried articles calling for patchwork and quilting enthusiasts to join a new group “Patchworkers of Waverley”.

The group was the brainchild of Dawn Burrows, who with the support of Morna Sturrock, a local embroiderer and Alycia Watson, the then Community Arts Co-ordinator of Waverley Council, undertook  the organisation of the original meeting.

Quoted in the press article Dawn explained the drive for the formation of the group. “Quilting is almost a way of life in America and we can see the influence of the craft growing here in Waverley. I’ve always been inundated with people wanting to learn patchwork and quilting.”

Thirty five years later the group formed by 30 ladies in 1981 is still going strong. Waverley Patchworkers will celebrate the occasion at our September Monthly Meeting.

About Waverley

Waverley Patchworkers Inc is a group of about 300 patchwork and quilting enthusiasts located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We meet regularly to share our passion for all things textile.
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